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Evans Essence was founded by Sarah Evans in July 2020 during the covid-19 Pandemic. Being home all day with her family, 2 of whom were sheilding, she tried a wax melt from a local supermarket, which induced an asthma attack. Sarah began researching why this had happened and found it could be due to the chemicals in the wax melt, mainly the parafin in the wax, which emits carbon dioxide on burning. She then began experimenting at home and found that both pure Bees wax and pure Soy wax didn't have an adverse effect on her. On further research, Sarah found that Soy Wax is a contributing factor to deforestation and therefore climate change. Being Pagan (of the earth) Sarah found rapeseed and coconut wax is a much better option, as well as being suitable for vegans, Bees absolutely love it, so with the bee population decreasing, figured the more we grow, the more it would help the bee population, especially as the wax is only harvested post pollenation. As most people prefer candles, Sarah branched out to make candles as well as wax melts and scoopable wax. It didn't stop at the products either. Most wax melts come in Plastic packaging and with the uk being the leading market in europe and valued at 116.2 million GBP thats A LOT of plastic, and so Sarah embarked on her journey to source only eco friendly packaging whilst maintaining the quality of the product and only reusing non eco friendly packaging which had been sent by her suppliers.

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