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Evans Essence was founded by Sarah Evans in July 2020 during the covid-19 Pandemic. Being home all day with her family, 2 of whom were sheilding, she tried a wax melt from a local supermarket, which induced an asthma attack. Sarah began researching why this had happened and found it could be due to the chemicals in …

Luxurious Hand Crafted Wax Melts

Aromas can help create ambience and influence mood, with our selection of scented wax melts, you can fill your home with scents to soothe your senses too. At Evans essence, you can choose from a wide selection of wax melts in a variety of waxes catering for vegans and non vegans, as well as a plethora of different …


Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-Friendly Products

9cl Unstoppable fresh soy wax candle

Beautifully scented, hand crafted eco friendly candles, No Parafin wax used therefore reducing carbon emissions, giving you more of the …

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20cl Unstoppable fresh soy wax candle

Beautifully scented and hand crafted unstoppable fresh candle in vegan friendly Soy wax 16-24 hour burn time no parafin wax used, giving …

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30cl Unstoppable fresh soy wax candle

Beautifully scented vegan and eco friendly 30cl candle in unstoppable fresh laundry style scent. No parafin wax used giving you a clean …

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